Friday, October 11, 2013

Hydrocephalus Donation

Life has been busy, but I did sew up some doll clothes for a silent auction for the Hydrocephalus Foundation back in September. For some reason I can not up load the other pictures. I also donated the doll and the doll case. Never heard back if it brought in money or not. Got involved due to a student I had over the summer working ESY/ISP.  

Kindergarten is a lot of fun, but boy I do come home tired and stressed (a parent is really fussy). I am also teaching a sewing club and  Tech/yearbook club after school. Matthew is also doing MESA,  a Hydro car club, band, jazz band and soccer. For only having 1 kid under the age of 18 he sure is keeping me busy. The other  3 kids are all in college keeping busy doing their own thing.
I am on fall break and did do some sewing yesterday. Hope to take them to sewing club on Sat. after Matthews game. It felt really good to just sew and not worry about anything else and I did not leave the house (even better).
Have a lot more to share from the end of summer and will find the time to share.
Till then take care.