Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Not much sewing for the BH home

These are the only two items I have sewn for the BH kiddos. I really need to get busy.
  We got an e-mail that the BH home is full. They have so many mothers/kids that are coming with nothing. A few 17 teen year old girls have showed up on their own with nothing but their clothes on their backs.
 size 12 mths
size 12 mths with Velcro on right side shoulder

I have a busy week with my kids and work, but am going to try to put in an hour of sewing time every day. And all rules are out... we can buy our own fabric which will be great.
Take Care,

Balloons over Albuquerque

Here are a some pictures  from the Balloon Fiest this year. More to come.

Love the clock.
Take Care,

Monday, October 29, 2012

I know.... I am not a quilter

Well here is the quilt I have been working on and finally finished. You all may laugh now. Go ahead, I know you want too.
 I don't claim to be a quilter and don't think I ever will be one. I admire all of you quilters out there.
 This quilt/blanket was made with scraps of snowflake fabric someone donated to sewing club and were headed to the trash. Not enough of anything to make an outfit.
 So I used my snowman embroidery with the snowflake fabric, everything is blue and white. The back is all white with bits of blue where I tied knots to hold it together. 

Matthew said it is warm, so I guess it is going to work out.
Take Care,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Balloons over Albuquerque

I am still alive, just busy with life. Work is crazy, we only have 5 kids in the class, but they are a hand full. Adjusting to having a Senior in High School and a 6th grader who has a lot of homework every day. Why do teachers do that? It has been a big adjustment.
The Balloon Fiesta came and went here in Albq.
Here are some pictures, I will post more this weekend.  

I have been working on my snowman quilt. If you want to call it that. I have learned that I am NOT a quilter. So when I post the pictures later this week, don't laugh. Oh never mind, you may laugh all you want too. I also have been sewing t-shirts for the kids at the BH shelter in sizes 12 months. That is the size they requested this time. No one has donated any fabric, so the members of the sewing club decided to bend the rules and let us purchase our own fabric. Yea!!!  I need a heavy weight fabric for pants, its getting a bit chilly in the mornings here.
Its late, got to get up early for work. 
Take Care,

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day off

I have been tired, run down, antsy, jittery, over whelmed, cranky and yucky. So I took the day off and put up  apples. Last weekend DH, Matthew & I went to Taos to get the apples from my father-in-laws apple tree. I got 2 baskets full. The tree did not give many this year, but alot more than the pasted 2 years. I only was able to fry and freeze 1 basket and got 6 quart size baggies of apples ready for apple pies for this winter. This weekend I will do the rest and make & freeze apple sauce.

 Due to my being busy and my yucky feeling, the only sewing I did for the BH kids was this dress. The guilt is bugging me, but I have other thing to take care of. Like my family. I am hoping to sew this weekend.I want/need to sew. The weather is cooling down and the kiddos at BH need pants.

Tomorrow starts the Balloon Fiesta here in Albq. There will be lots of balloons in the sky and a lot of traffic going to work. Will post pictures of all the balloons. 

Take Care,