Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A quilt and sewing

Don't look too close at this quilt, I think it is full of mistakes. It's the first patchwork that I have done and I made my own binding. It measures 35" X 35". Good size for a baby. I just could not line up the seams and only went on direction on the machine quilting part. I was not going to attempt going across, was afraid of the puckers I would make. The top is all seersucker scraps and the yellow backing is a soft linen (I think), another scrap piece of fabric. Its a very soft quilt. My family thinks I did a good job, me...I need a lot more practice on making quilts. And I will be getting more practice, Sewing Club as been asked by  BH if we could make quilts/blankets, pillows and pillow cases to send with the kids when they leave BH. So the group wants each member to make between 5 and 10 quilts/blankets (different sizes) an year. Well, here is my first one. Next meeting I will get a full review on how I did from the other members (and they will be honest).

Size 3 carpi pants with top and purse. 

Size 4 boys pants.

1 bear 

1 Thomas the tank engine pillow case.

Here is another quilt I made for Taos. Instead DH wants me to make more quilts for here and take the store bought blankets to Taos. This one is full of mistakes and puckers. I did not do a binding, just folded over the backing. With the white strip it was a bit easier with seams. 

This little guy was on our grill. We hatched about 500 in our class room this year. That was scary as they were on my desk, none got out but it was creepy. 

Had a dental appointment for a crown today, but once again it was cancelled. (4th time)
Not sure if to look for another dentist or what to do. Anyway after cleaning up the house and more purging (my summer goal-get rid of stuff) I will sew. The BH kids need shorts, its hot over here. 
Till next time.

Take Care, 


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Think I figured it out. These are the only pictures that I have and not that great either. The rest were lost. There were 2 of these reversible bags. One was a gift the other for BH kids. 

This out fit was a size 6. 


Size 4 (1974 pattern).

Size 4 boys jacket. 

 The dog we dog sat. 

Take Care,


Real fast update

Its been a crazy/busy year so far. It was busy with work and then I ran 2 after school clubs, plus my 13yo was is mesa, track, soccer, band, jazz band and Boy Scouts, which keep me busy all week. My 3 others are in college also had things going on, which added to me running around. My oldest was in a car accident (he is fine, car not). Dog sat for my brother's little dog Harley. A few trips to doctor (13 yo. with glue gun burn he got in mesa), Emerencency dental procedures (still on going)........etc....life.

Summer vacation is here and we have been doing a lot of yard work, putting  gravel,  a new brick fence is still in the process of going up, was not able to do a big garden do to the fence and redoing of back yard. Getting the inside of the house ready for painting next week. Dr.'appt's... and life.

I have been sewing for the BH kiddos when I can. I can't show anything on any of these computers.  The hard drive in my lap top went out, my smart phone went for a swim and died , this old clunker won't post pictures ( my 13 yo and I fight to use this clunker:). To date I have sewn:

1 skirt
1 jacket to match skirt
1 light weight top for skirt/jacket
2 boys pants
1 boys jacket
1 capri pants
1 top to match capri pants
1 purse to go with capri outfit (need a doll to put in purse)
1 dress (1974 pattern)
1 boys shirt
3 girl tote bags
1 purse
1 bear with blanket for purse
3 bears
2 pillows
2 pillow cases
*1/2 a quilt. (trying to make it a quilt that folds into a bag with straps, (just need time to sit a figure it out)).

*The BH house has request child size quilts/blankets so the kids can take them when they leave. So club members were asked to make at least 5 quilts/blanket an year.

Well thats all the time I have. Untill next time. In the mean time I will sew for the BH kids and figure out how to put pictures into this blog.

Take Care,


Friday, June 6, 2014

Still alive

It has been a busy year so far. Finally on summer break and yes I have been sewing. Will upload pictures next week and up date on what has been going on.

Take Care,