Friday, June 21, 2013

A little winter wear with summer wear

Here are 3 flannel pajama pants I took to sewing club two weeks ago. I had them cut for 3 months before getting to them. I was going to hold off to turn them in till the fall, but decided if I did not sew them up, they would never get done. Better late then never.

 All pants are size 12 months.
 Amazing what you can do with small pieces of fabric. 

I also took a flannel blanket with a train on it. "I think I can". Some child will like it, I hope.


Here is some summer sewing I did this week. Last week I cut a bunch of things up and am sewing when I have a few minutes here and there. I wish I could of gotten more tops done, but this is better than nothing. 

 White poly/cotton top. Size 6 months. 

Shorts size 6 months.

Shorts size 6 months.

Shorts size 4.

Flannel shorts, size 4.

Flannel shorts, size 4.

Boys pants, size 3T.

I took the pictures outside this morning and took our bird outside with me. He loves being outside, chirping with the other birds. 

I am getting 2 tomatoes from my 6" plant. It will not grow. At least I am getting something out of it. Maybe its the heat. It's hot over here. 

My zucchini and pinto beans. They are doing OK. Again its hot over here. Temps ranging in the high 90's.

Not sure if I ever showed this blanket. My mother in law started it and I finished it in the fall. It is a very warm heavy blanket. 

I started work (summer school ISP) two weeks ago and its "there". I am not enjoying it. My arms are black & blue and all scratched up from the students pinching, scratching and biting, I come home with a headache everyday from all the yelling. For 2 students its all they do all day long, their way of coping.  We have 5 kids all with different needs. It gets very hard to keep track of who needs what. I have no energy to think much less do anything else. It is a very depressing job, I feel I am there to babysit and nothing else. Blessing and prayers to all the families with special needs kids. 

So, I better get my act together and get my Etsy shop going. I will have 3 kids in college, 1 in middle school and in soccer and do not plan (want) to work next summer. Any advice on this would be helpful.

 I also have to get a lot of sewing done for the BH kiddos. We had 3 sewing club members quit. So we are down to 7 members. We were averaging 800+ items an year. Two weeks ago we only had 246 clothing items. Not good. There is also an increase in the number of homeless kids and the BH home. Not good either. 

Off to get some sewing done before it gets to hot (our air conditioner decided to go out). 

Take Care, 


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Picture heavy post

Here is the sewing I did months ago. I have not touched the sewing machine in a long time. Before school/work ended, I was wishing I was sewing. And now that I am off work for a bit I have not sewed one thing. I have been embroidering, but that's all and I start work next week. Thankfully its only 3 days out of the week and mornings only. Still don't know what I got myself into working in the ISP program.

Size 12 months.

Size 4. Made from strips of fabric.

Both size 4 pants.

Size 4 shorts.

Matthew playing a solo. Got judged and got a score of 2.

Emily (who is now 18) and Jordan for prom. Not sure why this photo is not up right. 

My oldest son ran a 5k for run for the zoo.

Matthew at Scouts. It does not end for the summer.

End of school trip. That's my little spanish non-speaker with the braid.

Emily and Jordan graduated.

A flower Emily got for graduation.


Take Care,