Sunday, December 15, 2013

What I took to Sewing Club

One paper doll quilt.
The backing.
4 pheasant tops size 4.
I also took a red one. I don't know what happen to the picture.

Size 4 skirt.
Purse and book bag.

Size 4 pj's.

Size 4 corduroy pants.

Size 1T dino pants,

Size 12 mths.

Size 3 corduroy pants. 

2 flannel pillows.

I also took 2 stuffed bears.
Our end of year lunch was today. I don't have the number of how many items were donated this year. As for my number of items donated it was 43 items, down 7 from last year.
Its been a rough year (money wise). I have 3 kids in college & driving and 1 in middle school & sports.
Next year I am going to work on a few things.
Get my Etsy shop going.
Sew more for the BH kiddos
 Stock up on food/household items (tired of not having anything)
Work on my health and lose weight.
Quilt (learn) more.
I made a quilt out of scraps. It fits a twin size bed. I  made it for one of the boys beds in Taos. The blankets I have over there are a bit too short. I decided that  I would make some new ones out of scrap fabric. It was fun making it, it by no means is perfect, but, will keep someone warm. I still need a lot of practice.
Well I better go, I have to get ready for work,  one more week of work then 2 weeks off for the holidays and some sewing.
Take Care,

Thursday, December 5, 2013

OH my

I can not believe I have not posted since October. Well I have been so busy. What have I been up too... soccer (Matthew), Boy Scouts (Matthew), Work (enjoying the little kiddos ) plus working 2 after school clubs (sewing and yearbook), honors band (Matthew), hydrogen car races (Matthew), making a quilt from scraps (found out I am not a quilter) some sewing for sewing club and life. Will post pictures this weekend.

Till then take care and keep warm