Monday, February 18, 2013

Embroidering & sewing

Blogger is being a stinker. I forgot I had to go trough Chrome to post pictures, so I lost some time trying to figure it out. And now my pictures are out of order. Please bear with me. 

Here is a quilt top I have been embroidering for a few months in red work, almost done. I won it from Its called Twas The Night Before Christmas #423 from Crab-apple Hill (picture of the package will not attach to blogspot...gerrr.) There is a quilting part that goes in the middle, I plan to do that in all red and white.  It has been a great relaxer these past few weeks. I also love to embroider.

Here are the flowers I got from Emily for Valentines day. They are beautiful. Enjoying looking at them and wishing for summer and some color outside. It is very windy and dusty here in Albq.

Dreaming of a garden this year. We will see, as I am planning to work summer school.

More of Twas the night before Christmas. This is the left side panel.

Her is girls top, size 12 mths for the BH home.  

One summer dress, size 4.

Girls long sleeve top, size 12 mths. 

These tops were made with scrap fabric another sewing member gave me for doll clothes. Glad I was able to squeeze out 2 tops out of it. I need to find some fabric for some shorts/pants or skirt. I won't be going to sewing club next Saturday so I have some time.

Saturday would of been my dads 69th birthday and is his 5th year anniversary of being gone from us. So I will head up to Taos to be with my mom. It seems like yesterday that he left us. Still can't believe he is gone. 

Here is another embroidery project I have been working on and have finished. Something I just drew up and put to fabric and embroidered. I plan to make it into a pillow.  Blogger would not put it upright. 

Matthew had a MESA competition last week, racing mouse trap cars. Here is his (6th grade car) after the race. He's team beat the 7th and 8th graders from his school. The car looks pretty beat up. He was very proud of his car. I say his, because the other two 6th graders did not help build it. He did a lot of work here at home and all the work on the car by himself. The sawing, drilling, tweaking ... etc.. his car.

I have the day off today and don't plan on doing much. Its cold and windy outside so I plan to stay inside and putter around. I also don't have a voice:(    
Will be drinking a lot of tea and reading blogs (relaxing and resting). I have work tomorrow. 

Take care, 


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Where did a month go?

I am not sure where this past month went. Work has been busy with a lot of kiddos not re-adjusting to the school year. My own kids have also been very busy, so a lot of driving around. I have also been job hunting for a part time job, so far no luck. I have 1 graduating from high school in May and then will have 3 in college come September. And they all drive.... and eat a lot, so I really need extra money to support our family. Anyone have advise on Etsy? I am trying to open one, but have run into a few snags. Help on this would appreciated. 

I did do some sewing earlier in the month, only finished this hat for sewing club. My dh, middle son and I decided to get sick, my cold turned into a sinus infection and is dragging on. Have a major headache today. I think mine is still lingering due to stress. 

 I have Monday off and would like to finish what I started sewing after I clean the house. Which I am doing to day (plus laundry). With this headache it is going slow, but I am determined to get the cleaning done so I can sew.

Here is the hat I made out of scraps. It has been cold and windy here so I hope it was well needed. Guilt is getting to me for not sewing much. I keep reminding my self that there are not limit of items to turn in and there are 12 other members. 

 I hope everyone is doing well. 

Take Care,