Saturday, February 16, 2013

Where did a month go?

I am not sure where this past month went. Work has been busy with a lot of kiddos not re-adjusting to the school year. My own kids have also been very busy, so a lot of driving around. I have also been job hunting for a part time job, so far no luck. I have 1 graduating from high school in May and then will have 3 in college come September. And they all drive.... and eat a lot, so I really need extra money to support our family. Anyone have advise on Etsy? I am trying to open one, but have run into a few snags. Help on this would appreciated. 

I did do some sewing earlier in the month, only finished this hat for sewing club. My dh, middle son and I decided to get sick, my cold turned into a sinus infection and is dragging on. Have a major headache today. I think mine is still lingering due to stress. 

 I have Monday off and would like to finish what I started sewing after I clean the house. Which I am doing to day (plus laundry). With this headache it is going slow, but I am determined to get the cleaning done so I can sew.

Here is the hat I made out of scraps. It has been cold and windy here so I hope it was well needed. Guilt is getting to me for not sewing much. I keep reminding my self that there are not limit of items to turn in and there are 12 other members. 

 I hope everyone is doing well. 

Take Care, 


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