Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Picture heavy post

Here is the sewing I did months ago. I have not touched the sewing machine in a long time. Before school/work ended, I was wishing I was sewing. And now that I am off work for a bit I have not sewed one thing. I have been embroidering, but that's all and I start work next week. Thankfully its only 3 days out of the week and mornings only. Still don't know what I got myself into working in the ISP program.

Size 12 months.

Size 4. Made from strips of fabric.

Both size 4 pants.

Size 4 shorts.

Matthew playing a solo. Got judged and got a score of 2.

Emily (who is now 18) and Jordan for prom. Not sure why this photo is not up right. 

My oldest son ran a 5k for run for the zoo.

Matthew at Scouts. It does not end for the summer.

End of school trip. That's my little spanish non-speaker with the braid.

Emily and Jordan graduated.

A flower Emily got for graduation.


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