Monday, July 22, 2013

Who are the BH kiddos?

To answer the question on who the BH kiddos are:

The BH kiddos.. are homeless kids from the Barrett House here in Albuquerque, NM.

The  Barrett House is a place that provides housing and supportive services to women and children who are homeless. Most of the women & children come to the Barrett House with nothing or with their belongings in plastic bags.

We  "The Sew -n-Sewers"  (sewing club I belong too)  sew clothing for the kids, bags for the mothers and quilts for whoever needs them, pillows & pillow cases for the kids.  We sew one of a kind outfits for the kids from donated fabric, notions and patterns. We have a few members who knit hats, bags, blankets and clothing for the kids. We have a lady that all she makes is bags -large ones for the mothers to carry their belonging in and small one for the kids to carry any treasures they have.

Once an year we buy personal items (tooth paste, tooth brushes etc..) for the kids and put them in little carry bags. We also gather school supplies or books for the school year. We make or buy toys for the kids to take with them when they leave.

We sew for kids only, because they are happy with what they get. The adults get a little bit picky and want outrageous things made so we keep our sewing to the wee one, from size 6 months to size 12, boys and girls.

So that is who I sew for. Have I done any sewing? NO! That is a  big NO. Been busy with my kids and family. There was also work, which ended last week. So I have 2 weeks off before I get back to work. I will not be in Special Ed. this year, just regular general ed. Kindergarten.... YEA! I am soooo excited. Working this summer in the ISP summer program was extremely hard. Physically, mentally and emotionally. I came out of there black & blue (arms & legs) and  with scratches all over my arms and with less hair on one side of my head. Also, last Thur. I got hit pretty hard on my back and its been sore. Hard to sit, but also hard to stand. Love those kiddos, but man does love hurt.

Anyway, I have to get sewing done this week. I agreed to sew some doll cloths for an auction for Hydrocephalus. To help out a little girl in my summer class who has Hydrocephalus. So that is where I will be headed after this post. Hopefully it will not take me a month for the next post.

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