Sunday, January 12, 2014

First sewing of 2014

Here it is 2014. Its been a rough start to the year.  After Christmas I was hit in the face by a very friendly dog and my back molar broke in half and half fell out. I was not able to get a dental appt. till this past week. (dentist had the flu). Well, it looks like I need a root canal, and a crown. Which will cost more $$ then I have right now.
I have been sewing, but not for the BH kiddos. I made me a scrap quilt for me (need to get it off my bed and photograph it), and a quilt top that I started a few years ago (need batting to finish it up).
The only thing I made for the BH kiddos is a pair of boys pants. Simplicity 2907, size 3. I really enjoyed making these. They are made in grey corduroy and I lined the pockets and waist band in a basket ball theme. Legs are a bit wide, will try take those in next time I make them. (Sorry about the pictures, taken with my phone as my camera went missing).

Hope to post more and sew more. Not only for the BH kiddos, but for me. This year I am going to selfish and take care of myself. Mentally, physically and emotionally. I am also going to simplify my life. I have way too much stuff.

Take Care,


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