Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Real fast update

Its been a crazy/busy year so far. It was busy with work and then I ran 2 after school clubs, plus my 13yo was is mesa, track, soccer, band, jazz band and Boy Scouts, which keep me busy all week. My 3 others are in college also had things going on, which added to me running around. My oldest was in a car accident (he is fine, car not). Dog sat for my brother's little dog Harley. A few trips to doctor (13 yo. with glue gun burn he got in mesa), Emerencency dental procedures (still on going)

Summer vacation is here and we have been doing a lot of yard work, putting  gravel,  a new brick fence is still in the process of going up, was not able to do a big garden do to the fence and redoing of back yard. Getting the inside of the house ready for painting next week. Dr.'appt's... and life.

I have been sewing for the BH kiddos when I can. I can't show anything on any of these computers.  The hard drive in my lap top went out, my smart phone went for a swim and died , this old clunker won't post pictures ( my 13 yo and I fight to use this clunker:). To date I have sewn:

1 skirt
1 jacket to match skirt
1 light weight top for skirt/jacket
2 boys pants
1 boys jacket
1 capri pants
1 top to match capri pants
1 purse to go with capri outfit (need a doll to put in purse)
1 dress (1974 pattern)
1 boys shirt
3 girl tote bags
1 purse
1 bear with blanket for purse
3 bears
2 pillows
2 pillow cases
*1/2 a quilt. (trying to make it a quilt that folds into a bag with straps, (just need time to sit a figure it out)).

*The BH house has request child size quilts/blankets so the kids can take them when they leave. So club members were asked to make at least 5 quilts/blanket an year.

Well thats all the time I have. Untill next time. In the mean time I will sew for the BH kids and figure out how to put pictures into this blog.

Take Care,


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