Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Beautiful Win

I won this quilt last month from Isn't it beautiful. I took these with my daughters ipod (which I am learning to use) so not such good pictures. But I can tell you it is beautiful, soft, and warm. The boys were intrigued by the quilting done on the quilt. They all claimed it as there own. So it resides in the living room on first come bases.  The weather here has been cool and raining with it being monsoon season, so evenings are cool and you do need a quilt :P. 

A Very Big Thank You to Lori
you did an amazing job. Thank you. 

I have a few more dresses for the BH kiddos, but no way to photograph them at the moment. Now my camera is not working.  I need a 3rd job just to replace my smart phone, computer and now a camera. It sucks not having technology at your hands. Work starts in 3 weeks :(  then I will have my work laptop, it is an old apple with a few problems, but at least I will be able to keep in touch with blogs...I mean work and the world. Ok enough whining....

In other sewing news: I learned to make makeup bags with zippers. I want to make some for the BH kiddos to put their tooth brush/paste, face towel, brush/comb and hair ties in them. Now we just put them in a baggies, which is OK, but the kids need a little something pretty, colorful and their own.  

I also painted and reupholstered a chair. Another first. It came out looking cute. Will get pictures some how as soon as I can. 

I am also working on a prototype backpack, both for the BH kiddos and the after school sewing club I "might" be teaching again this year. I have not worked on lesson plans because I am not sure of how much money I will get for supplies, if any. Last year I got nada, zip, nothing.   All the fabric and supplies came from my stash and the sewing club. The machine was given to the program, but it needs work and its not considered mine or the schools and  if I get it fixed I won't get reimbursed.  Can't afford that right now. So not sure what to do yet. Yes, I know school starts in 3 weeks. I just don't know what to do.  Sorry for whining more. 

Till next time. 

Take Care,


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