Saturday, March 7, 2015

Look what I got!

A new sewing machine! 

It came yesterday afternoon and I right away made two outfits size 3.

It came with a walking foot and a free motion foot. Can't wait to use them.

It may not be a top of the line machine, but for what I do (sew for homeless kids) it will work.

So I am headed to sewing club with 2 complete outfits today (have not gone in 2 months)
and a pair of p.j. pants, 1/2 made when my old machine broke. Not going to worry about a top,  just need to get them in.
Size 1

Spent the morning cutting out some pieces to sew. Frustration not having full yardage of fabric, but got some thing cut out. Wish people would donate fabric for boys.

Glad to be back sewing. 

Take Care, 


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