Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Still no sewing

OK, I have done a little sewing. Made a top and a half for me (need to finish), 2 fleece pull overs for the BH kiddos, napkins for camping and working on a quilt. 
I have been off work from school for three week, but head back to school tomorrow for the K+3 program. We will start the first day of school with 22 kids in our class. This will be our class till May 2016. I also work on the weekends at the race track doing concessions.  Makes for long weeks.

These air planes were at the Atomic museum where our Boy Scouts Troop did an Eagle Project planting trees.

Trees planted.
My Matt got in the photo.

Taos mountain hiding behind rain clouds.  
Taken from my  father in laws front porch. 

Take Care,

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