Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day off

I have been tired, run down, antsy, jittery, over whelmed, cranky and yucky. So I took the day off and put up  apples. Last weekend DH, Matthew & I went to Taos to get the apples from my father-in-laws apple tree. I got 2 baskets full. The tree did not give many this year, but alot more than the pasted 2 years. I only was able to fry and freeze 1 basket and got 6 quart size baggies of apples ready for apple pies for this winter. This weekend I will do the rest and make & freeze apple sauce.

 Due to my being busy and my yucky feeling, the only sewing I did for the BH kids was this dress. The guilt is bugging me, but I have other thing to take care of. Like my family. I am hoping to sew this weekend.I want/need to sew. The weather is cooling down and the kiddos at BH need pants.

Tomorrow starts the Balloon Fiesta here in Albq. There will be lots of balloons in the sky and a lot of traffic going to work. Will post pictures of all the balloons. 

Take Care,


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  1. your apples look wonderful!! I love apples - I have no trees though and know of no one with them :( I usually end up buying some apples if I can find them at the small farmers market near by. I normally make up some chunky applesauce and do a pie or two.
    thanks fro stopping by my blog :)