Monday, December 17, 2012


My prayers go out to the families of those who lost their lives on Friday in Newtown.

I work in the school system here in Albq. as a special ed. teachers aid, working with kindergarten and first graders.  I can not imagine what the students and staff members went (and are going) through.

Today at school, the kids were scared. All doors were keep locked to put parents at ease. We tried to keep our regular schedule, but it did not work. The kids needed a lot of TLC.  The kids keep close and kept looking around. If one student was not is sight (bathroom or other pull out) the others would ask about that student. None of the students wanted to go into the hallways (bathroom, pull outs) alone, "just in case". So we staff members did a lot of walking students to the bathrooms, speech, office, OT/PT and nurse.

Kids understand a lot more than we adults think they do. I will continue to keep my babies at school safe, even if that means skipping my breaks and lunch and walking to the bathroom 40 times or more a day. I will hold their little hands when they need me too, I will give them a hug if they ask for one, I will check and double check a room or hall way for strangers if they ask me too. I will do everything to keep my EGR babies safe.  

My heart goes to the students and staff  Sandy Hook Elementary on their first day back to school. It will be a hard one for them and even harder for the parents.

Take Care,


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