Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sewing, Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving

Wow! Where has the month gone.
Here is a jacket and 2 pairs of pants I made for the BH kids. I was making warm clothing to keep the kids warm, but the weather has been in the 60's. Where is winter?  
 I have been so busy I have not done much sewing for the BH kids. I just don't have any creative ideas on what or how to mix pieces of fabric together to make something nice and wearable for the kids. I hope for winter break (in 2 weeks) I can get some rest and sew up a storm.
Wool Jacket (lined) size 6

wool pants size 4

wool pants size 2
I have also been making doll clothing. I wanted to open a Etsy shop before November, but life got in the way. I still plan on opening it after the first of the year. Here are a few starter pieces I have made. 

My only doll quilt.

Here is a picture of Em & Matt for Halloween. It was a very warm night.  I made Matt's top and Em's skirt and arm pieces. Sorry I can't get the picture to rotate.


No, that's not a baby Matt's holding. It's the turkey after its bath. He was patting it dry. This year he made the turkey by him self. He also helped with all the cooking.

Here he is with the 25lb turkey. There were NO leftovers this year. I guess he did a great job.

He did a great job.
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